What is Kotobadon?

Kotobadon is an online flashcard system for Japanese learners to study any Japanese vocabulary or kanji.
We’ve built a full Japanese dictionary within our website, from which you can directly take information for custom flashcards.
You can create flashcard decks with items (kanji/vocab) selected from our dictionary and study them with our review system.
You can track your progress on your user profile, and subscribe to other flashcard decks created by other users.
We’re always implementing new features and iterating on existing ones to make Kotobadon a friendly and intuitive learning experience, so feel free to contact us for any questions!
We are on Facebook and Twitter.


Vocabulary and Kanji information are based off of The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group's EDICT and KANJIDIC files, however entries are trimmed or modified to suit a learner's needs.
Word frequency information is taken from both Japanese Wikipedia and the Japanese frequency lists available here.